Amber Ale

The Amber Ale beer style is a broad category. There are many beers that could be considered amber in colour and there can be a lot of cross-over among styles that share similar characteristics. In general, amber ales tend to be a malt-forward beer, often possessing flavours of biscuit, caramel, or toffee, and depending on the beer itself, may or may not have a fairly strong hop character. Town Square Brewing Company’s Forged Rye Amber Ale stood out. It possesses complex flavours that are at the same time subtle. A distinct nuttiness combined with a touch of caramel and a nice crisp finish make this beer a great example. Kirk Bodnar



Town Square Forged Rye Amber Ale
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (4-pack cans) CSPC 800620






Brewsters Hammerhead Red Ale
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC 770044 (2017) (2016) (2015)






Stanley Park Brewing 1897 Amber Ale
British Columbia
$16-19 (6-pack cans) CSPC 794778

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