Belgian Style Ales – Sours & Saisons

The Belgians love making beers that have a balance of acidity and flavour complexity and so when we looked at which beer styles we could group together as a segment, we decided on Sours and Saisons. Saisons are a beer style that evolved out of necessity; originally brewed in Wallonia, Belgium before commercial refrigeration. Saisons were made in the early spring to be robust enough to last through the Summer but still thirst-quenching enough to drink in hot weather. The dry-hopped or fruited kettle sours trend is a newer phenomenon but has become very popular in North America because ingenious brewers use hops or fruit to impart those same fruity, citrusy and spicy characteristics to an otherwise boring beer style. John Papavacilopoulos



Collective Arts Brewing Mash Up The Jam Dry Hopped Sour
$4-6 (473mL) CSPC 799951







Tool Shed Saison
Alberta, Canada
On tap only






Banded Peak Chinook Saison
Alberta, Canada
$12-16 (4-pack cans) CSPC 800489






Russell Brewing Belgian Saison
British Columbia, Canada
$4-6 (473mL) CSPC 805467






Freehold Brewing Lacy Saisy Saison
Alberta, Canada
$20-21 (4-pack can) CSPC 798499

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