Blended Whiskies

Sure, single malts tend to get all the glory, and yes, they certainly are worthy of the attention, but my go-to whiskies around the house tend to be the blended whiskies. My favourite things about them being their generally lighter expressions (and very rarely lots of peat) making for an excellent year-round tipple, they can be enjoyed neat, but I also feel no guilt about throwing in a splash of water or even an ice cube (on the hottest days of course). The variety of this year’s competition in the blended whiskies was very welcome, and we were thrilled to have a few Irish examples, but also the UK representing, and a Japanese whisky too. There is a pleasant dram or two planned at my house this winter….. Tom Firth


Syndicate 58/6 12Yo Blended Whisky
United Kingdom
$75-80 CSPC 792743







White Oak Akashi Blended Whisky
$54-60 CSPC 798882






The Quiet Man 8 Year Irish Whiskey
$50-54 CSPC 786604        (2017)






Paddy Irish Whiskey
$40-44 CSPC 789372

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