Cream Liqueurs

A well-loved category in a place that knows how to stay sane over a long winter (when do you put your winter tires on? In fact, more telling – when do your summer tires go on?). Cream liqueurs can take on almost any flavour or style, but what they can struggle with is balance. How best to ensure that the rich creaminess is balanced by some sweetness, but also whatever additional flavours are found? In a challenging category, I think you’ll find our judges did a great job finding your next…ahem…addition to your weekend coffee. Tom Firth


Cotswolds Cream Liqueur
United Kingdom
$54-56 CSPC 800396







Hansen Distillery Morning Glory Cream Liquor
Alberta, Canada
$33-36 CSPC 798543






El Dorado Golden Rum Cream
$22-25 CSPC 734375 (2016)

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