Fruit Beers

Outside of Belgium, fruit beers used to be the forgotten stepchild of the beer family. However, since 2010, the highest percentage of new beers brewed each year have been fruit beers. It’s now gone far beyond the purview of just tiny craft breweries; when “Big Beer” gets involved, it’s not just a little market niche anymore. Since any beer style can have fruit added to it, there are no limits to variety, and the beers entered in the competition this year were no exception. David Nuttall


Wild Rose Ponderosa Gose
Alberta, Canada
$14-16 (4-pack cans) CSPC 790638 (2017)






Grizzly Paw Beavertail Raspberry Ale
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack cans) CSPC 803922 (2016) (2015) (2014) (2013)







Kronenbourg 1664 Fruits Rouges
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC 799042






Wild Rose Wraspberry Ale
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC 766766






Alley Kat Main Squeeze Grapefruit Ale
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC 733630 (2017)






Innis & Gunn Mangoes on the Run
United Kingdom
$3-5 (500mL) CSPC 801561






Brewsters River City Raspberry Ale
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC 770047        (2017)






Village Squeeze 6-pack bottles
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC 780540 (2016)

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