Between gin-focused bars, advent calendars, super premium bottles, a plethora of flavoured gins, and aged gin… it is clear that gin is as trendy now as it’s been for decades. Traditional gin lovers will continue to sip on their favourites, experimental gin lovers are over the moon with all of the new, and premium products, and not-so-much gin lovers gave it another try and have now fallen in love with gin and its versatility and freshness. I was very happy to see that the winning gin this year is from one of our local Alberta distilleries, Wild Life in Canmore. Whether you like your gin juniper-focused, bold, and powerful, or rounder, citrusy, floral, or fruity, the options out there for you are limitless! Nathalie Gosselin


Wild Life Distillery Gin
Alberta, Canada
$52 CSPC 790937 (2017)







Eau Claire Distillery Parlour Gin
Alberta, Canada
$47-50 CSPC 789514 (2015) (2016)





Wild Life Distillery Barrel Aged Gin
Alberta, Canada
$60 CSPC 806375






Hansen Distillery Trouble Gin
Alberta, Canada
$42 CSPC 787955






Park Distillery Alpine Dry Gin
Alberta, Canada
$48-50 CSPC 781550 (2016)






Sheringham Distillery Seaside Gin
$44 CSPC 793629






Tippa’s Lovebird Gin
Alberta, Canada

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