Hefeweisen and Wheat Beers

From country to country, wheat beers vary in flavour and style, for example: the wonderful banana, clove and bready flavours from a German one or the bright floral and citrus character of a Belgian Wit. Judging wheat beers can be very difficult as there is a range of styles, and the judge has to decipher how good each is in their particular style. The Grain Bin Prairie Horizon was the first to my lips on the final flight and I almost knew right away-we have a winner with absolutely no flaws whatsoever, so an easy choice. Dave Gingrich


Grain Bin Prairie Horizon
Alberta, Canada
$7-9 (650mL)  CSPC 784130







Something Brewing The White Wit
Alberta, Canada
$10 (4-pack cans) CSPC 774952 (2016)






Banded Peak Imperial Plainsbreaker Double Dry Hopped Wheat Ale
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (4-pack cans) CSPC 800488






Phillips Electric Unicorn White IPA
$16-19 (6-pack cans) CSPC 791356 (2017)






Medicine Hat Brewing Hefeweizen
Alberta, Canada
$6-9 (650mL) CSPC 79393






Grizzly Paw Grassi Lakes Hefeweizen
Alberta, Canada
$4-6 (473 mL can) CSPC 804335 (2017)

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