Let’s face it, the simple yellow fizzy lager still dominates almost every country’s brewery production. Because of that, the early craft brewers avoided making them.  However, as the market has matured, you’ll now find an amazing variety of craft lagers. The difference between them and their big brewery cousins is the absence of rice and corn adjuncts, and a more prominent use of hops and different malts. Our top choice is Calgary’s Carvel Brewery, whose Cold Brew Coffee Light Lager is exactly what you think it is; light and crisp with added dark roast coffee which becomes obvious in the aroma and flavour. David Nuttall


Caravel Cold Brew Coffee Lager
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack cans) CSPC 809252







Medicine Hat Brewing Boomtown Lager
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack cans) CSPC 791758






Big Rock Honey Brown
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack cans) CSPC 709686 (2017)






Medicine Hat Twin City Lager
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack cans) CSPC 791769






Caravel Dunkel Munich Style Dark Lager
Alberta, Canada
$14-16 (4-pack cans) CSPC 800217






Margaritaville Landshark Island Lager
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC 781992






Something Brewing Dark Side Schwarzbier
Alberta, Canada
$10-11 (4-pack cans) CSPC 766643 (2017) (2016)

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