The ancient Honey beverage of kings, queens and Vikings alike. Mead is made from a simple base of honey, yeast and water, however there few different styles. Traditional – just the 3 ingredients, melomel – fruit infused, and metheglin – with spices or herbs added. There are more styles but that is what the net is for. Judging mead in Alberta is not so easy as each meadery has different flavours based on the honey the bees produce from the environment. We tasted a lot of meads on the panel but the stand outs were the melomels and the metheglins and Grey Owls Apple Pie Mead was absolutely spectacular, nice lightly spicy hints and apple notes that made it unmistakably – apple pie. Dave Gingrich


Grey Owl Apple Pie
Alberta, Canada
$21.00   CSPC 807609







Grey Owl Haskap
Alberta, Canada
$21.00   CSPC 800718






Grey Owl Apple & Black
Alberta, Canada
$21.00   CSPC 805953






Spirit Hills YeeHaa!
Alberta, Canada
$23.00 CSPC 773294 (2015) (2016) (2017)






Tamarak Jack’s Meadery Sawyer Hopped Mead
Alberta, Canada
$8.00 CSPC 806790






Birds and Bees Winery Honey I Have Meads
Alberta, Canada r
$30 CSPC 726216 (2017)

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