Vodka was our final flight of the competition – and it stirred the biggest debate. What should a vodka taste like? The distilled spirit is supposed to be neutral, but it certainly doesn’t taste the same from brand to brand. There were spicy spirits, smooth and creamy examples and some that fell somewhere in between. But the discussion was about the judges selections, since the best in class was obvious to us. The triple-distilled Stone Heart’s clean, creamy mouthfeel, with a bit of spice, gave it an outstanding balance that really stood out. Darren Oleksyn


Stone Heart Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$40 CSPC 785419







Back 40 WTF Winter Time Frost
Alberta, Canada
$36 CSPC 788591






Wild Life Distillery Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$49 CSPC 787593






Banff Ice Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$21-24 CSPC 350397






Strathcona Spirits Single Grain Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$47-48 CSPC 787817 (2017)

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