Belgian and Strong Beer

Although there is something satisfying about a somewhat simple, easy drinking beer, the truly mind-blowing and life-changing experiences tend to involve the big, robust, flavourful beers. They often possess tons of malt character, ranging from bread to toffee, as well as complex yeast notes that can be anything from rich and fruity, to peppery or even bubblegum. Though all the while, there is that underlying alcohol strength that, when done well, is subdued and not overly hot, but still ever-present. Averbode Abbey Ale is pale in colour, but big on flavour, with a nice malt character and distinct notes of earth, apple, herbs and honey. 
Kirk Bodnar

Best In Class

Averbode Abbey Ale


$5-6 (330ml bottle) CSPC 795364     

Judges Selection

Grizzly Paw Tequila Barrel-Aged Venus Golden Strong        

Alberta, Canada

$7-9 (650mL) CSPC 804366   

Straffe Hendrik Quadruple    


$11-12 (700mL bottle) CSPC 784008

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