Canadian Whisky

About 200 years ago, Canadian flour makers started producing whisky with their excess wheat and they found that adding just a small percentage of rye to their mash gave the spirit a beautiful, spice packed punch of flavour. People absolutely loved it and started referring to it as “Rye Whisky”. These days this beautiful spirit from The Great White North can made using corn, barely, and/or wheat and both the terms “Canadian Whisky” and “Rye Whisky” can legally be used, regardless of whether or not there is even any rye added to the mash at all.
Erin Loader

Best In Class

Signal Hill Whisky            


$40-43 CSPC 800776

Judges Selection

Howitzer Canadian Whisky          


$40-44 CSPC 815125

Legent Bourbon

United States    

$55-60  CSPC 816854     

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