Fruit Beers and Lambic

Fruit beers used to be simple. Take a light ale or lager, add raspberries or citrus to it and voilà, chill and serve. No longer. Now more beer styles are involved, and the fruit varieties have expanded (hello guava, passionfruit, haskap, et al). You’d be hard pressed to find a brewery that doesn’t make a fruit beer now. Lambics have their home in Belgium and are a variety of sours made with wild yeast, then fruited to give a sweet, tangy flavour. Calgary’s Big Rock Under the Table Framboise is an homage to this style and was our top ranked beer.
David Nuttall

Best In Class

Big Rock Under the Table Framboise


Alberta, Canada

$19-20 (650mL bottle) CSPC 813972

Judges Selection

Wild Rose Wraspberry Ale


Alberta, Canada

$15-18 (4-pack cans) CSPC 811384

Origin Short Shorts Raspberry Wheat


Alberta, Canada

On-tap only

Lindemans Kriek



$6-8 (375mL bottle) CSPC 811214

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