Fruit Liqueurs

Oft overlooked, but remarkably versatile, liqueurs are a treasure to have on hand. Judges look for purity of expression, but also balance, meaning these are often sweet, but can also offer surprising depth of character, flavours, and balance. The winners at this year’s Alberta Beverage Awards offer a wide range of styles perfect to have on hand.
Tom Firth

Best In Class

Zuidam Framboise Liqueur



$44-48 CSPC 805412

Judges Selection

Black Diamond Tart Cherry Liqueur          

Alberta, Canada


Limoncino dell ‘Isola



$37-41 CSPC 801964

Chum Churum – Strawberry         

South Korea

$9-12 CSPC 800833

Back 40 Ol’ Apple Betty


Alberta, Canada

$34 CSPC 790534

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