Fruit Wine

Although it may be too cold for growing vinifera grapes in Alberta, that doesn’t stop us from making fruit wine. There are some tasty wines on the market made from raspberries, blackcurrants, sour cherries, saskatoons and rhubarb. They come in a range of styles from dry to sweet.  I like to open a fruit wine when I am in the mood for something just a little different. In the summertime, an easy rule of thumb is to match fresh fruit with the same fruit wine or in the dead of winter when you need a pick me up, open a bottle of strawberry-rhubarb wine and be transported back to your garden.
Laurie MacKay

Best In Class

Field Stone Strawberry-Rhubarb Fruit Wine


Alberta, Canada

$20-22 CSPC 777796

Judges Selection

Monte Creek Ranch Blueberry Wine


British Columbia

$22 CSPC 261644

Field Stone Black Currant Fruit Wine

Alberta, Canada

$20-22 CSPC 783516

Birds and Bees 2018 Hard Core Apple

Alberta, Canada

$25.00   CSPC 725972

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