There are over 600 Gin products available in Alberta, of which 42 are made in Alberta. This year’s submissions warranted a record, 5 flights of gin to be tasted, often consisting of 8 to 10 gins per flight! The rise in distilleries in the province is robust and with gin being an early-to-market product virtually every distillery makes one. If you love the high tones of aromatic botanicals and the delight of versatility and choice this might be the best time to be alive as a gin lover in Alberta. Last Best’s Afterglow was a particular stand out!
Brad Royale

Best In Class

Last Best Afterglow Gin


Alberta, Canada

$50-55 CSPC 800545

Judges Selection

Park Distillery Alpine Dry Gin      

Alberta, Canada

$45-50 CSPC 781550

Hills & Harbour Gin

United Kingdom              

$70-75 CSPC 819740      

Stone Heart Gin

Alberta, Canada

$45 CPSC 804174

Strathcona Spirits Badland Seaberry Gin


Alberta, Canada

$50-55 CSPC 787815

Whitley Neill Dry Gin

United Kingdom

$44-46  CSPC 802952

Wild Life Distillery Gin

Alberta, Canada

$52-55 CSPC 795640

Hansen Trouble Gin        

Alberta, Canada

$42.00 CSPC 787955      

Roundabout Gin

Alberta, Canada


Tippa’s Lovebird Gin


Alberta, Canada

$42-47CSPC 817159

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