“What the heck is a Gose” – Gose is pronounced gohz-uh, and it’s an old German style of beer experiencing a resurgence in the craft beer world. Why? Because it’s a style that really lends itself to the addition of vibrant fruit flavors. The beer itself is characterized by having a light citrusy nose accompanied with a light grain or bready quality that has a clean sea breeze finish…is your mouth watering yet? Add in the sweet tropical notes you get from guava and the result looks great in your glass and tastes magical.
John Papavacilopoulos

Best In Class (TIE)

Banded Peak Guavamorphology Gose

Alberta, Canada

$17-19 (4-pack cans) CSPC 821645

Collective Arts Guava Gose         

Alberta, Canada

$15-18 (4-pack cans) CSPC 817284

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