International Whiskey

We often associate whiskey first with Scotland and perhaps secondly in Canada or the bourbons of the United States. The truth is, grain and grain-based spirits produced globally. Here we have some really intriguing drams produced from some surprising countries and they didn’t disappoint. There loads of malty, oaky caramel goodness in these whiskies integrated, smooth alcohol and long finishes. Sip n’ savour these all on their own served neat or one the rocks or whip up your favourite whiskey cocktail.  Scotland beware, the world is catching on and catching up!
Mike Roberts

Best In Class

Nomad Outland Whisky


$65-69 CSPC 778451

Judges Selection

Junenmyo Red Label


$90-95 CSPC 818159

Black Mountain Fumée


$85-88 CSPC 806261

Paddy Irish Whiskey Triple Distilled


$34.99   CSPC 789372

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