Lagers are cool again, gone are the days where they were all described as anemic, fizzy liquid. A truly well-made lager is a thing of beauty, and more and more breweries like Trolley 5 and the collaboration beer from Apex/Folding Mountain are proving just that. Lagers are surprisingly delicate and require patience, discipline and skill to perfect.
John Papavacilopoulos

Best In Class

Trolley 5 Turntable

Alberta, Canada

$14-17 (6-pack cans) CSPC 820263        

Judges Selection

Folding Mountain Apex Predator Brewing Hour 12 Lager

Alberta, Canada

$16-18 (4-pack cans) CSPC 819506

Paddy’s Barbecue and Brewery Black Lager

Alberta, Canada

$14-17 (4-pack cans)

Yellowhead Brewery Highway 16 Lager     

Alberta, Canada

$14-17 (4-pack cans) CSPC 820196

Township 24 Meridian Black Lager 

Alberta, Canada

$14-17 (4-pack cans) CSPC 815756

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