Non-Alcoholic Mixers

When we opened up the Alberta Beverage Awards to non-alcoholic mixers, our reasoning was that there is already such a range of craft producers, why not sodas and other mixers? Honestly, we love the chance to try such tasty options. This year, our Best in Class was the Annex Ginger Beer which is spicy, tasty, and so much better either neat or in a mixed drink.
Tom Firth

Best In Class

Annex Soda Mfg. Ginger Beer                   

Alberta, Canada

$4 (2018)

Judges Selection

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Mixer   

United Kingdom              

$2-3 CSPC 805687

Annex Soda Mfg. Root Beer        

Alberta, Canada


Double Dutch Indian Tonic          

United Kingdom              

$2-3 CSPC 805689

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