Pinot Noir

Pinot noir, often referred to as “the heartbreak grape” due to its thin skins and susceptibility to the elements, is one of the most popular light bodied red wines in the world. In Alberta we get access to wonderful pinots from all across the globe, and in a wide range of styles and price points. This versatile varietal typically has soft, silky tannins and bright, vibrant acidity, making it a great wine to pair with many different dishes.
Erin Loader

Best In Class

Upper Bench 2016 Pinot Noir     
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
$33-35 CSPC 598805      

Judges Selection

Oyster Bay 2018 Pinot Noir         

Marlborough, New Zealand        

$22-25  CSPC 715714     

Judges Selection

Lucky Rock 2018 County Cuvee Pinot Noir            


$32-35  CSPC 821243     

La Crema 2017 Pinot Noir           

Monterey, California

$29-31 CSPC 737431

Siduri 2017 Santa Barbara Pinot Noir      

Santa Barbara, California             

$35-37  811468 

The Social Collection 2016 Bin 116 Castoro de Oro Pinot Noir      
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
$21 CSPC 810116            

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