Still as popular as ever, it was nice to see this tank made bubbly from all levels of the pyramid score high at this year’s awards. It’s the 50th anniversary for Prosecco DOCG, so it’s a thrill that two from this category saw high marks from the judges and were recognised for their quality. Treviso and DOC categories are fine quaffers though, and also perfect for Bellinis and the ever-popular Aperol Spritz!
Marcia Hamm

Best In Class

Masottina NV Treviso Prosecco Brut


Treviso/Veneto, Italy

$19-24 CSPC 771476

Judges Selection

Crudo 2016 Organic Prosecco    

Veneto, Italy

$18-21 CSPC 811201      

Giusti NV Ex Brut

Asolo, Italy

$26-29 CSPC 819713      

Nino Franco NV “Rustico” Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore

Veneto, Italy     

$24-27 CSPC 584979      

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