Unaged Spirits

I love this category, and I love the quality being made in Alberta these days. Born of the necessity of producing high quality base spirit in anticipation of aged Canadian whiskies, these raw, unaged spirits are really the foundation of what will be some of the finest craft whiskies made in Canada in upcoming years. Shine on you crazy diamonds!
Tom Firth

Best In Class

Latitude 55 Moonshine 

Alberta, Canada

$34   CSPC 820331     

Judges Selection

RAW Seasonal Rye Unaged, Port Finish   

Alberta, Canada

$48-50  CSPC 795906     

Rocky Mountain Premium Cornshine      

Alberta, Canada

$47-50  CSPC 816614

Wandering Elk Barrel Aged Foundation Spirit      

Alberta, Canada

$49-53 CSPC 809438

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