Red Single Varieties

The red single variety category was diverse in both grapes and countries of origin. This is not where you’ll find the classic French grapes you might know and love. Instead, it is a category for exploration and discovery… and if you venture in, you’ll be rewarded with awesome examples of quality for value! There were good offerings across the board, everything from bobal to monastrell, nebbiolo, nero d’Avola, pinotage and carmenere. The best reward with great fruit density, nice complexity and balanced tannins – consider a decant and bbq fare for the biggest of the bunch.
Jenny Book

Best In Class

Fontanafredda 2014 Serralunga d’Alba Barolo

Piedmont, Italy

$42-46 CSPC 768849

Top Value

Bouchard Aine 2017 Beaujolais  

Burgundy, France            

$14-16 CSPC 112805

Judges Selection

La Junta 2015 Cabernet Franc

Curicó Valley, Chile

$20-24  CSPC 801343

Baglio Normanno 2016 Nero D’Avaola    

Sicily, Italy          

$17-20 CSPC 793912

Kingston Estate 2016 Petit Verdot

Riverland, Australia

$16-19 CSPC 726224

Murviedro 2014 Reserve Bobal  

Utiel Requena, Spain      

$22-24 CSPC 816659      

Juan Gil 2016 Silver Label (12 Meses) Monastrell               

Jumilla, Spain    

$25-28 CSPC 724837      

Hillside 2016 Cabernet Franc      

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

$28-30 CSPC 528935

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