You may have already noticed, but it seems like everyone is drinking “pink” these days. Fortunately, there are dozens of styles to choose from no matter what your preference – lean and crisp, racy and fruity, new world and old world to quench your thirst. Best in Class this year is a Canadian gem, the 2018 Sandhill Rose Terroir Driven Wine – showcasing ripe red berries that will bring you back to backyard summer BBQ’s all year round.
Jynnifer Gibson

Best In Class

Sandhill 2018 Rosé

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

$22-25 CSPC 583351  

Top Value

Barefoot NV Pink Pinot Grigio

California, United States

$12-14 CSPC 800574

Judges Selection

Famille Quiot 2018 Domaine Houchart Rosé

Provence, France       

$19-23 CSPC 738568  

Meiomi 2018 Rosé     

California, United States

$24-26 CSPC 799716  

Pasqua 2018 11 Minutes Rosé          


$20-22 CSPC 802206  

Monster Vineyards 2018 Rosé

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

$18-20 CSPC 486969

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