Rye Whisky

This molasses-based spirit conjures images of pirates, beaches, and tropical umbrella cocktails, famed for being the base of such popular drinks like the Mojito, Dark & Stormy, and the Cuba Libre. Rum has reached a second life of sorts, reestablishing itself as a standalone spirit to be enjoy neat like Brandy or Scotch. Whether in its purest white style or amber, spiced, and dark varieties, flavours are diverse and can range from tropical fruits, roasted nuts, butterscotch, caramel to more toasted wood and sweet spice notes giving layers of complexity and texture from all around the world.
Peter Smolarz

Best In Class

Burwood Single Hive Rye             

Alberta, Canada

$52-55 CSPC 813731

Judges Selection

Redemption Rye             

United States

$46-51 CSPC 801781      

Millstone 100 Rye Whisky            


$105-110 CSPC 778839 

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