Tempranillo has its historical heart in Spain. Grown in almost every region in Spain, tempranillo is perhaps best known as the grape of Rioja. Tempranillo, while fruit forward and supple, is a grape that has a particular affinity to oak. If you enjoy some oak-driven character such as vanilla and toast in your red wines these are for you. Enjoy with any read meat or hearty mushroom dishes, or make like the Riojans and pair with grilled or roasted lamb!
Margaux Burgess

Best In Class

Vina Zaco 2016 Tempranillo  

Rioja, Spain   

$17-20 CSPC  742637           

Top Value

Campo Viejo 2016 Tempranillo       

Rioja, Spain   

$14-16 CSPC  757170

Judges Selection

Bodegas Faustino 2005 Gran Reserva I       

Rioja, Spain   

$35-38 CSPC  517615           

Viña Albina 2011 Gran Reserva

Rioja, Spain   

$40-45 CSPC 809468

Viña Albina 2015 Reserva Vendimia Seleccionada

Rioja, Spain   

$TBD CSPC 809466 

Hacienda Lopez de Haro 2013 Reserva       

Rioja, Spain   

$17-20 CSPC 754666

Monte Real 2015 Reserva

Rioja, Spain   

$33-35 CSPC  767971

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