Vodka… Should it be neutral or nuanced? Long-favoured for being indistinct; increasingly, vodkas are made with an appreciation of place – reflecting nuances of base-grain and region of origin. Not surprisingly, with Alberta being an agricultural heartland, judges were inundated with entries from newer local distilleries.  With renewed interest in cocktail consumption, it was encouraging to see the Alberta advantage of fresh water, world-famous grain and local ingredients to expand the vodka category.
Nathalie Gosselin

Best In Class

Rocky Mountain Premium Vodka             

Alberta, Canada

$47-50  CSPC 816616     

Judges Selection



$52-55  CSPC 821019    

RAW Vodka       

Alberta, Canada

$42-44  CSPC 795904

Park Distillery Classic Vodka        

Alberta, Canada

$45-50 CSPC 778452      

The Fort Distillery Prairie Gold Vodka     

Alberta, Canada

$45-48 CSPC 808775      

Latitude 55 Vodka          

Alberta, Canada

$35-40 CSPC 820330      

Confluence Headwater Vodka

Alberta, Canada

$45-50  CSPC 812419

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