American Whiskey and Bourbon

This category has exploded in Alberta over the last seven or eight years. Happy day, since it’s bringing well-deserved attention to the many unknown greats. American whiskey is generally sweeter than its Scottish counterpart, with new American oak imparting more vanilla, and a hotter climate aging the spirit quicker. This year’s lineup featured a great mix of different labels for the Bourbon explorer. Matt Browman


Evan Williams Black Label Straight Kentucky Bourbon
United States
$25-30 CSPC 721379







Cooper’s Classic American Whiskey
United States
$TBD CSPC 788774






Cooperstown Beanball Bourbon
United States
$63 CSPC 787938






Evan Williams Vintage Single Barrel Kentucky Straight
Bourbon Whiskey
United States
$44-47 CSPC 546895





Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
United States
$43-45 CSPC 547729





Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon
United States
$35-40 CSPC 711374






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