2015 Fruit Beers

Take a casual look at liquor store shelves or any beer menu and it’s apparent fruit beers are becoming more and more popular. From Belgians to radlers to craft brewers adding seemingly the entire contents of the produce aisle into every beer style, there are certainly no shortage of options out there.  So why this increased popularity? There is no single reason, but the increased consumption of beer by women, the public’s desire for lower-alcohol beer and the beer drinker’s appetite for anything new and different are part of the reason. In fact, fruit beer is currently the fastest growing category of all beer styles. As their variety is endless, look for more of them to hit the market. David Nuttall

Click on the image of each bottle to find out which stores in your area carry them.


Früh Radler, Germany, $3 (330ml bottles), CSPC 762918


Grizzly Paw Beavertail Raspberry, Canmore, Alberta, $7 (650ml bottle) CSPC 764725


Stanley Park Sunsetter Summer Ale, British Columbia, $16 (6 pack bottles) CSPC 771574

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