2015 Kölsch and Kellerbier

Kölsch and Kellerbier differ from each other, though they share a common trait in that they don’t really fit in all too easily with other styles of beer within their general categories, so what the heck, why not put them in a category all their own? Both styles of beer originated in Germany and both are somewhat unique, yet strangely familiar in their own right. Kölsch is an ale, but it is often mistaken for a European Lager. This mistake is almost forgivable, due to the beer’s blonde colour, and it’s light, fresh character. Kellerbiers can vary, though many are deep golden to dark amber in colour, and true Kellerbiers in Germany are allowed to condition in a cask which somewhat resembles the lightly carbonated and unfiltered cask ales of the UK. There were a number of great Kölsch and Kellerbiers entered, but it was a true German Kölsch that ended up taking the category–an authentic Cologne staple–Früh Kölsch. Kirk Bodnar

Click on the image of each bottle to find out which stores in your area carry them.


Früh Kölsch Beer, Germany, $3 (330ml bottle) CSPC 775544


Wild Rose Natural Born Keller, Calgary, Alberta, $15-16 (6 pack bottles) CSPC 766769


Big Rock Rhine Stone Cowboy, Calgary, Alberta, $15-16 (6 pack bottles) CSPC 763932

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