20 Of Canada’s Greatest Chefs Present: Inspired Cooking
Fresh Air Publishing 2016

It’s very hard not to get inspired by this book. The heartfelt survivor stories of each individual’s struggles with cancer invoke compassion and respect. These stories reinforce that positive changes in lifestyle can have positive long-term physical and mental benefits. The 20 successful chefs from across Canada who agreed to lend themselves to this project have also either been touched in some way by the disease, or realized more than ever that it’s becoming necessary to take control of the health aspects of their lives.

Many acknowledge that in general, their diners are also demanding healthier choices. Despite an emphasis on nutrition, the recipes included don’t sacrifice taste and all things delicious. There are many recipes from nutritionists to be used as a base for the chef recipes, and all chefs favour local products when available. The Carrot Bolognaise on p.135 is so colourful and full of complex flavours with rutabaga “noodles” and a rich carrot based sauce, that you won’t miss the meat!

The Turkey Breast ‘Porchetta Style’ from Calgary’s Connie de Sousa and John Jackson won’t disappoint those looking for familiar pork dish flavours. There are many tips on healthy ingredients and eating habits, but there are also dessert recipes from Canada’s most honoured pastry chefs. The Lemon Turmeric Pudding with Coconut Cream is golden, silky and heavenly!

Benefitting InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care InspireHealth is a support organization out of British Columbia offering all types of support and direction for those facing or dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. The nutritional aspect of care is at the forefront of, and paramount to, the success of the program. Click here for more information on InspireHealth or to purchase the cookbook. All proceeds from the sale go towards their program.

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