Well Calgary, who knew? Knew that we have so many excellent opportunities to eat fish and chips here in our landlocked city!

We love comfort food any time of year, but particularly in winter when we’re more often indoors, and it’s cold so we’re maybe hankering for a little comfort from our past (and who hasn’t needed comforting in recent times?), so being from the north of England, I naturally turn to fish & chips, and even though our British Consul General, Caroline Saunders, is from further south in England, it turns out she’s also rather an expert on underwater culinary delights

“Fish and chips are very much part of the British culture, there is a fish and chip shop near Leeds which has been in business since 1865,” she says. “They were one of the few foods not rationed in Britain in WW2, and played a part in the D-Day landings. British soldiers identified each other by calling out ‘fish’ and waiting for the response of ‘chips’.”

We set out to find out how Calgary fared in the fish & chip world – what would we find to satisfy our craving – and embarked upon an adventure we could never have dreamt.

We asked our readers and our followers on social media and television who you would nominate for your favourite fish & chips in Calgary, and the response was overwhelming; we counted nearly 40 chippies, cafés, pubs, and restaurants around the city on your list of greats!

Ultimately, it was a hard fought and close contest; not only did we find some outstanding plates in our city that we’re very happy to recommend, we also met some passionate and proud restaurateurs, cooks and chefs, and were welcomed with some of the warmest and friendliest service. Calgary you can definitely be proud!

– Linda Garson, Editor-in-Chief



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