Flavoured Vodka

Although the days of bubblegum vodkas and synthetic fruit flavours may not be entirely behind us, there appears to be an emerging wave of distillers that stand out with their naturally infused vodkas. The shining star at this year’s Alberta Beverage Awards hails right from our back yard. Park Distillery (Banff, Alberta) Espresso vodka lends a clean essence of the dark bean without tasting false. Taking pride in the purity of their ingredients, Park Distillery only produces in small batches. Jynnifer Gibson


Park Distillery Espresso Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$48-50 CSPC 778453







Prairie Organic Cucumber Vodka
United States
$38 CSPC760586






Park Distillery Vanilla Vodka
Alberta, Canada
$48-50 CSPC 778454






Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka
United States
$30-32 CSPC 785555






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