Italian Reds: Veneto Blends

Most of us go straight to Ripasso, Amarone, or Valpolicella when “blend” and “Veneto” qualify a category. And yes, most of these are those. But the Veneto offers some diversity that’s worth exploring. Look for drier, meal-friendly styles, merlot-dominant blends, or non-traditional Amarone-like interpretations. This year’s lineup saw some usual suspects and intriguing others. Matt Browman


Masi 2013 Campofiorin del Veronese Ripasso
Veneto, Italy
$18 CSPC 155051






Giusti 2013 Valpolicella Ripasso DOC
Veneto, Italy
$40-43 CSPC 767318







The Social Collection Bin: 105 2012 Amarone Della Valpolicella
Veneto, Italy
$32 CSPC 787497






Emotivo 2015 Gran Rosso
Veneto, Italy
$17-19 CSPC 784012






Folonari 2015 Valpolicella Ripasso
Veneto, Italy
$17-19 CSPC 481838






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