Mead is having a moment in Alberta. With 70% of the nation’s honey produced in the province, we have a collection of quality producers offering a great range of locally made mead. With an incredibly long history, mead is likely the oldest alcoholic beverage. Simply put, it is the fermentation of honey and water. Often there will be fruit, spices or other organics added for extra elements of flavour. The winners this year have a wide cross-section of ingredients but all share that key quality of balance. Like wine, mead should have balanced levels of sweetness, acidity and tannin, and these examples all do. Drink local and try some Alberta mead today. Margaux Burgess


Grey Owl Meadery 2016 Spring
Alberta, Canada
$22-23 CSPC 788413





Spirit Hills Saskwatch
Alberta, Canada
$22-23 CSPC 758136







Spirit Hills Dande
Alberta, Canada
$22-23 CSPC 756234






Birds & Bees 2010 Honey I Have Meads
Alberta, Canada
$30 CSPC 726216






Grey Owl Meadery 2016 Apple
Alberta, Canada
$22-23 CSPC 792212






Spirit Hills Wild Rosy
Alberta, Canada
$22-23 CSPC 756235






Spirit Hills YeeHaa! Sangria
Alberta, Canada
$22-23 CSPC 773294






Broken Tine Orchard Haskap Melomel
Alberta, Canada
$29 CSPC 784485






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