Our Team

Linda Garson

Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

Linda Garson has always been a foodie with a passion for wine. She has worked with Chateaux in France, vineyards in Italy, Germany, Australia and South Africa and more. After moving to Calgary, she created Vine and Dine, a wine and food pairing club held in restaurants all over the city. She has earned a reputation as one of Calgary’s prime wine and food experts, educators and influencers, speaking at functions all over the city. Follow Linda at vineanddine.ca and @vineanddine.

Tom Firth

Drinks Editor

Tom Firth is a freelance wine writer, wine consultant, and wine judge whose work in the wine and beverage industry stretches back to the mid ‘90s. Tom is the Contributing Drinks Editor for Culinaire Magazine and is the Competition Director for the Alberta Beverage Awards. He has no qualms about tasting first thing in the morning, and his poor desk is completely covered in paper and bottles. Follow him on twitter @cowtownwine.

Dan Bontje

Multimedia Editor

As a lifelong Calgarian, Dan Bontje is passionate about both enjoying the food and drinks of Alberta as well as creating delicious food himself. Whether baking wedding cakes, hosting pop-up dinner clubs or brewing his own beers and ciders, he always has something delicious to taste if you ask nicely.


Anna Brooks


A Mount Royal University graduate, stories have pulled her overseas to pursue international work in India, Africa and Thailand. She has worked for Metro, the Calgary Herald, and has been published in FreeFall and Beatroute magazines. She likes magical realism, wine and greyhounds. Follow her on Twitter @Anna_Brooksie

Diana Ng


Diana Ng is a co-founder of EatNorth.ca, freelance food writer and digital media buff who is passionate about Canadian food. She’s written for FoodNetwork.ca and CanadianLiving.com, among other websites and publications. The only foods she doesn’t like are those prepared badly. Currently craving seafood, from West Coast to East Coast, and searching for gooseneck barnacles. Follow @FoodSalon and @EatNorthCa on Twitter.

Dong Kim


Dong is a professional photographer, mental health therapist, and small business owner living in Calgary, but you’ll often find him eating his way through his hometown of Edmonton, bordering on savage. Although he shoots a wide range of subject matter, his passion for food can be seen in the photography for the newly released “Edmonton Cooks” cookbook. Follow him @therealbuntcake and @shesaidyeah_ on Instagram.

Elizabeth Chorney-Booth


Elizabeth Chorney-Booth has been writing about music, food, and just about everything else for her entire adult life. In addition to writing for Culinaire and other publications, Elizabeth is a published cookbook author and part of the new team behind the Best of Bridge franchise. She’s also the co-editor of RollingSpoon.com and Wapawekka.com. Elizabeth lives in Calgary with her husband, two kids, and her ever-growing collection of vintage cookbooks.

Elyse Chatterton


Classically trained butcher, enthusiastic baker, passionate gin drinker and food blogger, Elyse Chatterton was born and raised in the northwest of England. She started work for her family as an apprentice butcher at the age of 14, and has been cutting meat ever since. Moving to Edmonton five years ago, Elyse and currently works at Tofield Packers and with Get Cooking Edmonton, to deliver meat based cookery classes. Follow Elyse at lifewithoutlemons.com and @elysechatt.

Gwendolyn Richards


Gwendolyn Richards is a Calgary-based food writer and photographer and the author of Pucker: A Cookbook for Citrus Lovers. She is a regular contributor to several publications, writing about food trends, restaurants and recipes. On her blog, Patent and the Pantry, she chronicles her love of cooking, baking and eating while traveling. She likes vintage cocktails and believes burgers are one of the finest food creations; she can be seen enjoying them while wearing her signature red lipstick.

Jeannette Montgomery


With her rural Canadian roots and love of grand experiences, Jeannette Montgomery is equal measures county and city. She’s as comfortable catching the fish for dinner as she is suggesting a BC wine to pair with it. Jeannette and her fella live in Oliver with three cats, a 1966 Satellite, and oodles of BC wine – for research, of course.

Jody Robbins


After ditching a career in international marketing, this explorer of over 50 countries now pens freelance lifestyle pieces from her home in Calgary. Her first book: 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit hits the bookstores this month. When not travelling or writing, Jody enjoys burning off the many calories she consumes by snowboarding and hiking. Follow her adventures on her blog Travels with Baggage or on Instagram @TravelswBaggage.

Karen Miller


Karen is a lawyer by trade, giving her a knack for picking apart a cookbook for Culinaire reviews. She claims to have been on the “know where your food comes from” bandwagon sooner than most. Always willing to impart knowledge to absolutely anybody who asks, Karen is practical but creative, having taught many styles of cooking classes. She was also part of the Calgary Dishing girls (producing two cookbooks).

Kirk Bodnar


Kirk Bodnar is a beer consultant for some of Calgary’s better beer destinations, such as the Pig and Duke. He is also a Certified CICERONE®, BJCP beer judge, history teacher, avid home brewer, and most importantly a father to a future beer geek (hopefully). Follow him on Twitter @beersnsuch and on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/beersnsuch.

Leilani Olynik


Olaf-shaped pancakes and little fingers stealing cookie dough, Leilani is happiest in the kitchen with her two young girls. She has a diverse background in digital marketing, writing, and event planning, and as the Marketing Coordinator for the Calgary Farmers’ Market, she shares her passion for local food by showcasing the market as a vibrant and inspiring place to reconnect with your farmer and your food. Wife. Mother. Food lover. Bourbon enthusiast. And proud Calgarian.

Mallory Frayn


Mallory Frayn is a food writer and PhD student living and learning in Montreal. She loves to combine her two passions, food and psychology, to help people develop healthier relationships with food. Her site, becauseilikechocolate.com, aims to do just that (and obviously chocolate is always included). When she isn’t busy with research or writing, Mallory is most likely jogging, or eating (or both!) her way around Montreal. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cuzilikechoclat.

Marcia Hicks


Marcia J. Hamm is the manager and buyer at Hicks Fine Wines in St. Albert, AB. She holds the WSET Diploma in Wine & Spirits & is an Italian Wine Ambassador through the Vinitaly International Academy. Her expertise comes from both passion and accredited learning. She owns a wine consulting business; Joy of Wine doing educational tastings in various venues. Marcia is truly a wine geek who considers wine a gift that must be shared!

Margaux Burgess


Margaux Burgess has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. As founder of Edmonton based Lingua Vina Sommelier Services Margaux is able to work with producers and hospitality professionals to fuel her passion for knowledge and increase the opportunities for education and events in Alberta and beyond. Margaux has Diplomas from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and the International Sommelier Guild and is also Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers and a Certified Sherry Educator from the Consejo Regulador de la D.O. Jerez-Xeres-Sherry.

Natalie Findlay


Natalie Findlay is a freelance writer, photographer and pastry chef. Her food aspirations started at an early age as baked desserts for her family and friends as soon as she could use a mixer. Natalie’s love of food resulted in her graduating from The Cordon Bleu’s Pastry Program. Over the past 10 years, Natalie has been a pastry chef and cook in hotels and restaurants while managing her own business creating custom-made special occasion cakes.

Phil Wilson


Phil Wilson is an Edmonton food writer at Baconhound.com and Culinaire Magazine, as well as a regular contributor to CBC radio and TV. Phil’s passion for well made comfort food may explain why he doesn’t own speedos, but does keep him busy with food and drink adventures around Alberta and beyond with his wife Robyn. Follow Phil on twitter @baconhound or Instagram @realbaconhound.

Renée Kholman


Renée Kohlman has been cooking and baking professionally for 20 years. In the Spring of 2017, her debut cookbook All the Sweet Things will be published. When not whipping up treats for her popular food blog Sweetsugarbean, she can be found writing articles for her columns in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix. She is also a freelance recipe developer and hopes to one day have a dishwasher in her kitchen. Renée lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


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