At this year’s Alberta Beverage Awards, more beers were entered than ever before. This is surely a sign of the times, with more and more craft breweries opening all the time. One thing that this led to was the ability to divide up style categories – thus instead of putting all lagers into one category, Pilsners were able to be judged as their own category. Quick review time: Pilsners are, in fact, lagers – in the sense that they are brewed with bottom-fermenting lager yeast and they are usually cold conditioned (lagered) prior to packaging. Pilsners tend to be light, pale, and crisp (though there are definitely exceptions). The winner this year was from New Zealand’s Hawkes Bay Independent Brewery. Their Pilsner was true to style, being pale in colour and quite light, though with some subtle malt complexity. Kirk Bodnar


Hawkesbay Brewery Pilsner
New Zealand
$5-6 (350mL bottle) CSPC 783490







Big Rock Pilsner
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC TBD






Mill Street Pursuit Pilsner
Alberta, Canada
On Tap Only at Brew Pub




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