Chef Smith’s St. Louis Rib Rub

[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:430] *Note: Booker’s recommends spritzing meat with an apple cider water mixture every hour while smoking. Booker’s smoke their ribs for two to three hours.

Chef Scherr’s Smoked Tomato Jam

[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:429] *Helpful hint: Do all prep ahead of time. If you like a sweeter jam, just add more sugar. Keeps for two weeks in the fridge in a covered container.

Off The Menu: Vitello al Champagne

We received an email from a Calgary reader: “I recently saw in your magazine that you could possibly find a recipe from a restaurant. Would you please try to find the recipe from Villa Firenze, the dish is called Vitello al Champagne. This is the best Italian food in...

Canada Beef: Campfire Coffee Rub

[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:427] *Beef can handle a generous amount of seasoning so make sure to apply that seasoning to every steak surface for optimum flavour. Store remaining rub in a sealed container.

Off The Menu: Butter Cake

We recently received a message: “Hi there! I have a request for the “Off The Menu” feature of the magazine: Rush Ocean Prime’s Butter Cake. Although this restaurant is now closed, I still think about the incredible Butter Cake that I had there years ago – to this day,...

Sopa Seca de Fideos: 3 Ways

Fideo is Spanish for “noodle”, and this dry noodle soup is a comfort food staple in central Mexico and across the country. With no liquid, it may seem odd that it’s called soup at all, but the noodles have soaked it all up.[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:423]

Cócteles mexicanos

Easter has come and gone, and we’re at least two weeks into Spring, so it’s time to get fresh and fruity with tequila cocktails. Many will be familiar with Margaritas and vodka-based Moscow Mules, but we asked two Alberta mixologists to add a creative twist and let us...

Cocktails Français

In Canada we tend to celebrate the end of a busy day with happy hour, a chance to unwind with friends before going home or out to dinner. But in Europe, dinner is generally later and people linger over aperitifs (from the Latin aperire, meaning ‘to open’) before their...

Bridgette Bar’s Chickpea Panisse

After our recent YYC Taste + Tour, some of the lucky participants were able to relax and enjoy an excellent wine pairing dinner at Bridgette Bar. The main course was one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes of lamb with chickpea panisse. These chickpea fritters...

Chef Alvarez’s Salsa Verde

To help make your taco Tuesday experience worthy of a weekend, Chef Alvarez has provided an incredibly easy salsa recipe that adds a punch of flavour to any taco. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:417]

Cilantro’s Lemon Conchigliette

Calgary’s Cilantro is 30 years old this year, and has a fresh new look to celebrate. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard people wish they had the recipe for Lemon Conchigliette after devouring a bowl of it. Many thanks to Chef Lancelot Monteiro for sharing it with...



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