Red Blends

A red blend is a wine that is made from more than one black grape varietal and generally, winemakers choose to blend grapes in order to create the wine that they want. Most often, the objective is to achieve balance in the fruit, tannins and acidity. This year we have a tie for “Best in Class” for Red Blends between Spier Creative Block 3 from South Africa and Ego Bodegas Fuerza 2013 from Spain. These are two very different style of wines hailing from two different regions and made from completely different grapes. What they do have in common is that they are full bodied, easy drinking wines that are smooth and well balanced. Laurie MacKay


Spier 2013 Creative Block 3
Coastal Region, South Africa
$23-25 CSPC 752023






Ego Bodegas 2013 Fuerza
Jumilla, Spain
$18-20 CSPC 772266







El Petit Bonhomme 2015 Tinto
Jumilla, Spain
$14-16 CSPC169383







Santos da Casa 2011 Reserva
Douro, Portugal
$22-24 CSPC 784723






Faustino V 2010 Reserva
$26-28 CSPC 22798






Inniskillin Okanagan 2015 Shiraz-Cabernet
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
$20-22 CSPC 772952






Monte Creek 2015 Hands Up Red
British Columbia, Canada
$18-20 CSPC 782540






Jim Barry 2015 The Barry Bros
Clare Valley, Australia
$29-30 CSPC 859579






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