The very mention of this polarizing grape seems to ignite either dread or delight, depending on the company. For many, the “dread” stems from a misconception that all rieslings are sweet. Whilst some of the greatest iterations are indeed sweet, many renowned versions are bone-dry. Perhaps this is why you may hear your local “wine professional” singing the praises of this often misunderstood varietal. And for good reason; riesling is capable of greatness from bone-dry to lusciously sweet and at every notch in-between. Hence, it is one of the most food friendly wines – dry versions are ideally matched with seafood, shellfish and even salad with vinaigrettes, whilst semi-sweet ones are best suited to intense Indian curries and spicy Thai dishes. Matt Leslie


Calliope 2016 Riesling
British Columbia, Canada
$18-19 CSPC 175984







Dirty Laundry 2015 Riesling
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
$22-24 CSPC 739568






Henry of Pelham 2016 Riesling
Niagara Peninsula, Canada
$20 CSPC 268375






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