Wheat Beers

Like most styles of beer these days, wheat beers are becoming more and more diverse all the time. Many craft brewers are producing wheat beers that can’t be pigeonholed into the traditional German or Belgian styles. A number of entries this year were very interesting, often possessing bold hop characteristics, which is not traditional, but often very delicious. There were also a number of excellent entries that would be considered more traditional, with banana or even bubblegum notes. The beer that won this category this year was closer to a traditional example of a German Hefeweizen. Grizzly Paw’s Grassi Lakes Hefeweizen has a very pleasant banana aroma which is nicely balanced along with its bready wheat malt character. Kirk Bodnar


Grizzly Paw Grassi Lakes Hefeweizen
Alberta, Canada
$7-9 (650mL bottle) CSPC 766900






Fahr Away Hefeweizen
Alberta, Canada
On-tap only CSPC 780435






Phillips Electric Unicorn White IPA
$16-19 (6-pack cans) CSPC 265108





Big Rock Wunderbier
Alberta, Canada
$16-19 (6-pack bottles) CSPC 767773






Beau’s Brewing Wag The Wolf
$8-10 (600mL bottle) CSPC 783531






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