Wine Refreshers

This was a somewhat unexpected category, as these products don’t…quite…. fit into several of the others. Our judges were quite impressed with the flavour profiles of these wines and they really occupy a niche all to themselves. A wine base is blended with fruits, yielding an off-dry, fruit forward glass of deliciousness. Our Best in Class was the Dragon’s Tears Pear wine and it showed a remarkable purity of fruit. Not to be outdone, we also have their raspberry wine and a traditional white sangria rounding out the category. Drink up! Tom Firth


Dragon’s Tears Pear Wine
United States
$12-13 CPSC 792422







Dragon’s Tears Raspberry Wine
United States
$12-13 CSPC 792424






Freixenet Mia Sangria White Frizzante
Castilla La Mancha, Spain
$13-14 CSPC 790843






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