As a little girl, I used to eagerly await the Christmas dolls, and wonder what their new wardrobes would be for the season. Now I’m grown up, I eagerly await the winter packaging for more adult pleasures — bottles of Champagne and other liquid treats!

Here’s a selection of this season’s best-dressed bottles to be found in our stores, many only available for a limited time over the season, all prices approximate.

This year, Skyy Vodka has chosen the holiday sweater! These striking cobalt blue bottles are decked in cosy knit cozies with a wintery snowflake motif. 750 mL $33

Veuve Clicquot are the masters of disguise, and every year have choices of seasonal packaging, both ornamental and with a purpose. Here are some of this year’s special gift options:

  • Clicquot Fridge – A nod to the refrigerators of the ‘50s, the fridge keeps a bottle of Yellow Label Brut or Rosé at the ideal temperature for at least two hours. Can be used over and over again. 750 mL $73
  • Rosé Ice Dress – An elegant pink sleeve, which clings to the shape of the bottle, guaranteeing the perfect chill for enjoying your wine. It comes with a detachable card for personalizing your gift. 750 mL $85
  • Clicquot Suitcase – this metal suitcase, with its Clicquot-yellow travel handle, is the gift for world travellers! 750 mL $73
  • Clicquot Mailbox – This lightweight metal box has a moveable flag so you know that its contents have arrived. Veuve Clicquot’s Re-Creation awards invite the public to create the design, and the 2015 international winner is Canadian, Eileen Ugarkovic. 750 mL $73

  • Clicquot Clutch – For your favourite fashionista, this yellow oversized envelope clutch opens up to reveal an isothermal pouch that keeps a bottle of Yellow Label Brut cold for up to an hour. 750 mL $73

Piper-Heidsieck arrives in a red and gold package this year, with an isothermal neoprene sleeve to keep the Cuvée Brut cool. The final touch on its evening dress is a satin ribbon tied delicately around the neck. 750 mL $63

Taittinger Nocturne is the gift for partygoers and for New Year’s Eve celebrations, dressed in its eye-catching purple mirror-ball design. 750 mL $79

Taittinger Brut Reserve comes dressed in a seasonal classy white, silver, and red bubble box. Elegant and festive! $70

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut and Imperial Rosé have isothermal suits that cloak the bottles in a gold or pink sleeve with a texture that mimics the foil of the bottle, topped with a necktie. It will keep your bottle chilled for up to 2 hours. 750 mL $65

The Moet & Chandon Cool Box is a limited edition glimmering chill gift box. Super cool, it will keep your Moët chilled for up to 2 hours and is reusable so you’ll never have warm champagne again. 750 mL $65

Eau Claire Distillery’s Christmas Gin with frankincense and myrrh, is only available at the distillery, and features their trademark art of animal characters, depicted as the Three Wise Men looking at the Northern Star, albeit in a Canadian setting surrounded by mountains and Canadian spruce. 375 mL $38

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