Before 2016 comes to a close, there are a still a handful of local restaurateurs working tirelessly to (hopefully) open their doors by the end of the year and here they are.

Bridgette Bar


Concorde Group hasn’t had their hands in many new concepts this year save the Carribean-themed rum bar, Ricardo’s Hideaway. Their newest venture is a partnership with chef chef JP Pedhirney and former Brava Bistro owner, Dewey Noordhof. If you’re interested, drive by for a sneak peek on the corner of 10th Avenue and 7th Street (the former home of Montauk Sofa). The space is quite sizeable, so expect plenty of room for any situation be it a Tinder date, catching up with old friends or a romantic dinner for two.

Foreign Concept


Not an under-the-radar place by any means, acclaimed local chef, Duncan Ly’s contemporary Asian restaurant is set to open up by early December. Ly’s interpretations of Vietnamese cuisine have long been a favourite of the Calgary food community, but this restaurant will see dishes with influences from many parts of Asia, all done with an Albertan twist. The squash salad pictured above is an especially delicious example of marrying east and west. The large room will feature an old-meets-new world esthetic imagined by Aly Velji Designs and working alongside Ly are two of this year’s Gold Medal Plates medal winners, Jinhee Lee (gold) and Michel Nop (bronze). If that’s not a recipe for success, I’m not sure what is.



Currently in the process of moving into the Boxwood Cafe space in Central Memorial Park, Provision is being opened up by Avec Bistro owners, Jackie Cooke and Kirk Shaw. The restaurant’s current chef, Daniel Pizarro will oversee the kitchens at both restaurants (which are only two blocks away from eachother) while his sous chef, Mike Ellis will be crafting a unique weekend brunch menu and former Market pastry chef, Kevin Yang in charge of the sweet side of things.

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