While many factors, including genetics, exercise, smoking cessation, sleep, and stress management can contribute to heart health, it never hurts to include some more heart healthy foods in your diet. Here are three of those foods to try adding to your eating regime this spring.

If You Like Salmon, Try Sardines

Salmon is known for its high omega-3 content. Omega-3s can prevent heart disease by reducing inflammation and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Interestingly, the same benefits are not seen when people take omega-3 supplements. Like salmon, small, “stinky” fish like sardines, anchovies and mackerel also pack an omega-3 punch.

Where to Try It: Enjoy grilled whole sardines with pickled chard stems, potatoes and salsa di pinoli, a creamy pine nut paste, as an appetizer at Mercato.

If You Like Oats, Try Barley

Oats are a good source of soluble fibre and beta-glucans, which have been shown to decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Barley is a local crop that is also rich in these compounds, though perhaps beer is not the best source for heart health.

Where to Try It: Start your weekend off right with the warm barley cereal dressed with wild blueberries, citrus and maple almond coconut cream at White Rose Vegetarian Kitchen.

If You Like Olive Oil, Try Camelina Oil

Olive oil is widely considered one of the most heart-healthy fats in the world, partly because it plays a key part in traditional diets of people who live around the Mediterranean Sea. Studies show that the Mediterranean Diet can help prevent heart disease and improve some of its related factors, like blood pressure, blood sugars and cholesterol. Camelina is a plant that is related to mustard and canola. Its oil is unique in that it contains a balance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, including omega 3s, while olive oil is mainly composed of monounsaturated fats. Comparedto olive oil and canola oil, camelina also has a high smoke point, meaning that it can be used for high-heat cooking without affecting the flavour.

Where to Try It: The Coup uses camelina oil to “massage” its kale in its veggie-packed Holy Macro salad.

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