Cold-Pressed Juices

With food waste being an insanely hot topic this past year, it’s only natural that the method of juicing that discards large portions of fruits and vegetables isn’t so popular anymore. The slow death of the juice bar will be directly proportional to the demise of spin studios.

Food Blogging

Something that was a prominent media source for almost a decade, food blogs have been more or less phased out by visual and highly engaging social mediums like Instagram and Facebook. RIP food blogs, you gave so many of us a springboard into this crazy, culinary media world.

In-House Charcuterie

This phase out doesn’t apply to every restaurant in Alberta, but with many eateries lacking the proper set-up to cure and age meats, it’s only natural that restaurants have now given the whole in-house thing a rest. It makes sense we’re now relying on local charcuterie specialists like Cured Deli or Empire Provisions in Calgary who can get the job done more efficiently and more deliciously

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