The Alberta beer scene continues to gain traction with each passing month, which means there’s always new brews becoming available on taps and liquor store shelves around the province. Here are a few brews to come out in the past few months worth trying.

Cold Garden Beverage Company

Calgary’s newest brewery boasts a lot of character from their premiere line-up of microbrews like “Cakeface” (a vanilla-infused lager) and “Red Smashed In Buffalo Jump” (Irish red ale) to the quirky taproom that includes design accents like pool noodles, used sofas and a four foot Jenga game. Swing by for a flight to try a sip of everything they have on offer and soak up the unusual surroundings. This is definitely one of the most fun-loving microbreweries to pop up in the province.

1100 11 St S.E.,

Dog Island Brewing

North of Edmonton, in Slave Lake, Dog Island Brewing opened their doors in November and is the newest breweries in Northern Alberta. The operation launched with a whopping six flagship beers including a pale ale, an IPA, a berry wheat ale, and a porter. Already proving popular, Dog Island is going through stock rapidly, and it will be exciting to see them continue to round out their selection with some seasonal beers as well throughout the year.

High Line Brewing‘s YMPA

Inglewood’s new(ish) brewery keeps things interesting with plenty of seasonal brews rotating through their taps. Currently, the most interesting of the bunch is their pale ale that’s mildly hopped and infused with yerba matte, a South American tea with a grassy taste similar to green tea.

1318 9 Ave S.E.,

Mill Street Brewpub and Trolley 5’s Red Mile B(l)ock Party Weizenbock


Weizenbock probably isn’t a style that many are familiar with, and that’s a shame. This traditional German style has the banana and clove notes that are the hallmarks of a wheat beer, but with the addition of dark malts. A bit of salted caramel on the nose gives way to those deep and rich fruity esters on the palate. This is Mill Street’s first time collaborating with another brewer, and it definitely shows that they’re serious about jumping into the Alberta beer scene.

Available at both Mill Street Brewpub and Trolley 5.

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