Everyone says they’re stuffed after the turkey, potatoes and sides, but somehow, people always manage to make room for dessert. And, let’s be honest, it really isn’t a holiday meal without something sweet to wrap it up. If the thought of making a piecrust makes you anxious, consider taking the easy way and picking up treats from these vendors at farmers’ markets in the city.

Yum Bakery
Don’t show up to holiday dinner parties empty-handed, or worse, with a fruitcake. Pick up tarts, cakes and macarons from Yum Bakery instead. Fans of pillowy, light cakes will enjoy the vanilla chiffon raspberry mousse cake, and chocoholics won’t be able resist the chocolate hazelnut royale. Whatever cake or tart you get, serve it with a few macarons on the side. 
Find them at Calgary Farmers’ Market

Burnt To Order
Whacking a spoon through a crunchy layer of sugar is cathartic. It’s almost like ripping the wrapping paper from Christmas presents! While the concept is simple — making a custard, andtorching white sugar on top to create a thin, crispy layer of caramel — making crème brûlée takes time and skill to get the creamy texture and thickness of the sugar just right. Save your sanity by visiting Burnt To Order, where you can find about a dozen different kinds of crème brûlée, including classic, strawberry shortcake and Earl Grey.
Find them at Crossroads Market

Orchid Pastry
If you’re looking for more unusual sweet treats, then you’ll want to pick some pastries from Orchid Pastry. They specialize in interesting sweets like zoulbia (fried batter soaked in syrup), Moroccan date-filled cookies and saffron ice cream; but they also make a variety of small French and Italian pastries, like cream puffs and cannoli. Can’t decide what to get? Pick up a piece or two of everything.
Find them at Calgary Farmers’ Market at Perk ‘n Beans. 

Le Picnic
And while you’re at the market, treat yourself to a sandwich that’s more than just cold cuts and French’s mustard. Le Picnic specializes in sandwiches like croque monsieur, havarti and cheddar grilled sandwich, and the signature country paté sandwich with ham, dill and homemade mustard. If you want to cut back on the bread, the bakery also offers quiche, crepes and spanakopita for you to take to wherever you are going.
Find them at Market on Macleod

Kruse’s Bakery
Sometimes, you want a piece of artful and delicate pastry. Other times, you just want a simple but well-made piece of apple strudel, an almond square or apple danish. For those times, Kruse’s hit the spot with a variety of traditional baked goods. For the holidays, pick up a loaf of their stollen, a bread studded with dried fruit and covered in icing sugar.
Find them at Symons Valley Farmers’ Market and Market on Macleod

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