When it comes to the exploding bourbon scene in the U.S., Wyoming I must admit, is not the first place that comes to mind.  Not even the top five actually. But there is good reason, because Wyoming Whiskey is the state’s first legal distillery.  Even though they have only been operating a few years, they started with a bang by recruiting the former master distiller from Maker’s Mark. A great bottle to share with other whiskey lovers, and I foresee it becoming a steady addition to the back bars of our finest cocktail-focused venues. Darren Fabian


Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon
United States
$67-69 CSPC  782560







Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon
United States
$44-47 CSPC 547729 (2017)






Evan Williams Black Label Kentucky Bourbon
United States
$25-30 CSPC 721379   (2017) (2015) (2013)






Gnarly Oak Kentucky Bourbon
United States
$30-34 CSPC  795085

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